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Andrew V. Kudin
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14 . 12 . 2018   

There are a lot of projects which are interesting to me and in which I took, (and take) part of.  Sometimes these projects dont have a direct connection with literature, but they have a direct connection with me, and my Path in life.

In this section some of my projects are represented.

                     Daughter of the Sun

The collection of fairy tales Daughter of the Sun- the first book written by my eldest daughter Veronika and published during the fall of 2003 in Ukraine.

On the illustration of the book worked talented Ukrainian artists Valerie Grigorenko and Larissa Ponomar who put in the warmth of their hearts into it.

In this project I was a publisher, literature editor and the producer.


Here is a first album of the orchestra under my old friends Mihail Kuzmenkos guidance, (the album went out in the spring of 2003). This is one of the best music albums I ever heard.

Mihail writes music himself. Each of his music compositions is created like a wonderful design, made from the notes of human feeling.

In this project I was a producer.


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