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Andrew V. Kudin
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14 . 12 . 2018   

XVII Universal Book Fair was opened in Moscow

           On September 1st the seventeenth book fair-exhibit was opened in two pavilions at the Russian exhibit center. Over 2700 representatives from different companies, and Publishing from 81 countries of the world participated in it.

            In the program exhibit-fair, business meetings and negotiations, presentation of a whole line of expositions, consul specialists, and also press conferences took place. The exhibit fair will close on September 6th.

            This year first time on fairs there was exposition of Electronic Book, which states the new direction of publishing. There will be an opening of the national contest The Art of Books, which will be held between the contestants-representatives of SNG.

            By the way there will be a traditional round tables presentations and meetings with authors from the first to sixth of September. In private the following writers will present their books. They are Boris Vasyliev, Edward Radzinski, Andrew V. Kudin, Daria Dontsova, Alexandra Marinina.


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