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Andrew V. Kudin
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14 . 12 . 2018   

Womens magazine called writer Andrew V. Kudin the man of the month.

Andrew V. Kudin says, that sex is a synonym of life, and a woman has to wear a yashmak. Womens magazine (September, 2004)


A curious person is exactly about Andrew V. Kudin. There is no end to his curiosity thats why he travels around the world, changing sunsets in Greece and Ireland and sunrise in China and Taiwan. He practically lives in the airplanes, he travels and his readers try to explore the world after him. Learn this world, the his world Andrews life is so rich with unexpected and unordinary events, and his point of you on life is so unusual, that you can call everything about him more than just simple curiosity.


Full text of the conversation Marina Fedosenko with the writer The parallel world of Andre V. Kudin you can read about in a section called Interview.


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