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Andrew V. Kudin
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14 . 12 . 2018   


Small addition:

Andrew V. Kudin was born in Kiev (Ukraine) on August 23rd, 1965.
Andrew V. Kudin possesses a Doctorate Degree in Philosophy. For over 20 years he has been thoroughly learning the history of religion. Being the author of 9 books and 300 articles.Dr. Kudin gets awarded for his activity in front of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church, with an order of the Saint Great Prince Vladimir.

From August 1999 Andrew V. Kudin and his family moved to U.S.A. Although Andrew works and spends a lot of his time in Europe, America is his second home, where his family and future lies.




Life of every person can be told differently. In other words every person can have a few biographies, completely different from each other, but all contributing to reality.

In my opinion, putting everything into a single biography is stupid. Life is like a multisided crystal, and it would be much better to tell about its different sides, looking at it from different points of view.

Well, where should I start my story? Probably it will be right, if I briefly tell you about myself, and then we will come to what is called official biographies.




After 9 months of being in a comfortable surrounding, I decided to look at the planet Earth.

On August 23, 1965, at 1: 00 PM I came to freedom.

The maternity house was right in the center of Kiev, close to the red building of the university to the right if you are facing the university, and standing with your back to the monument of Taras Shevchenko.

It was a warm sunny day on Sunday. With my appearance into the world, unknown men and women in white robes began to fuss around me. For some reason they were all worried - why arent I crying? Well I didnt understand why should I cry? The world, that I saw, seemed to suit me in every way.

A few days later I was neatly wrapped in a blanket, in dippers and in triumph brought outside.

My first trip wasnt long; I was brought into an apartment, on the Pushkinsk Street, there I spent the first year of my life. In 1966 my family moved to a peaceful apartment on Carl Marks Street (which is now called the street of the architect Gorodetskiy). My parents and my older brother Alexander moved in with me.

My brother studied, and my parents worked.

Galina Andorovna Kirichenko, my mother, taught foreign languages. Vyacheslav Alexandrovich Kudin, my father, taught the history of culture, ethics and aesthetics.

There was always an incredible amount t of books in our apartment, in different bindings and different languages. Books were everywhere, on the bookshelves, in closets, in all imaginable and unimaginable places of our apartment. Everyone who visited our home was impressed by the amount of books we had. Well, whats impressing? My parents met each other in a library.

After I grew up a little, my parents tried to take me to kindergarten.

It wasnt successful. I didnt like kindergarten, and I absolutely refused to go there. I remember that morning, darkness, winter, cold outside. They wake me up, and dress me while I am still half sleeping. I want to sleep but they continue dressing me and bring me out in the cold street. Then I get into a building, crowded with crying children. My parents leave. We are all left with supervisors in white robes, in other words - prison.

From the first minutes of being in kindergarten I understood that I should go on strike. I didnt have this word in my vocabulary at that time yet, but the idea itself was so natural, that I started at once. I refused to eat and I lied on the floor not standing up until my parents showed up in the horizon. It was some mixture of strike and starvation. My parents and kindergarten instructors thought that soon I would get over it, but the same thing happened day after day. It was repeating until my parents were convinced that I disliked the public walls, it was serious and forever. I had to live through a few arguments, but I reached my goal, I was finally taken out of kindergarten.

After this until I was seven years old nobody bothered me anymore.

Thanks to kindergarten I already hated same routines, and everything that suppresses freedom in a human being.

My parents went to work and I stayed alone at home, or played in the park by the fountain opposite to the theater named in the honor of Ivan Franko. Taking into consideration my age - such an action was indeed very brave. Not every parent would let their child out to play alone at the age of four.

Anyhow, but in my childhood I had so much freedom that none of the children my age, playing by my house had. Its a wonderful, head spinning sense of endless freedom saved in me from childhood years for the rest of my life.

At the age of 4 I learned to fluently read. Our family spoke Ukrainian language, but most of the books were in Russian, thats why I subconsciously started to read in both languages practically at the same time.

I learned how to swim at the age of 5. The method according to how everyone was taught in our family, was very simple: the child was thrown into the water and taken out of it when the child began to drown, then throwing him again and again, until the child began to scream hysterically and keep himself more or less on the waters surface.

At the age of 7 I was sent to middle school, # 177 in the city Kiev, on the next street. People said that in those years it was one of the best schools in Kiev, the percent of good teachers was much higher than the percent of bad ones. Probably I was just lucky. One thing I can say for sure is that I didnt like school and sighed with relief when10 years later I waved my hand goodbye to it.

There were two main reasons why I disliked school: first it vaguely reminded me of the kindergarten prison rules, and second there was too much hypocorism. For instance, we were all taught to hate capitalism and were forced to pray for the red banner. At that time the whole country was taught that way.

After graduating school in 1982, I took the documents to the university and after a successful pass of exams I entered the same red building of the university, by which I was born a long time ago and about which I have saved my warmest memories.

It is now that universities in Kiev are everywhere, but in 1982 there was only one university in Kiev and it was an honor to study in it. The best teachers of Ukraine taught there and it wasnt easy to become a student in the only university in the capital.

I studied there a year. In 1983, I was sent to the army. Usually students werent sent away, but I was lucky. In the beginning of the 80s the U.S.S.R was involved in the war with Afghanistan and there obviously wasnt enough soldiers. In other words, at the beginning of the 80s of the passed century everybody or almost everybody was taken to the army. Politicians tried to calm down the population and explain the mass call-up, a lack of the male population, of the call-up age as crafty demographic hole, caused by something nobody knew.

I didnt even have time to realize that I appeared to be in the military district of the Northern Caucuses.

The army had a depressive influence on me, but it was much more fun than in kindergarten. At least it was all incredibly simple and clear. Physical strength was respected there, and I had never been weak. Because I didnt like being submitted from childhood, the commanding officers didnt have anything else to do than to put me to lead a squad at first, then a company, and then finally supervise a whole section. Starting my serving at the Soviet Army in the rank of a soldier, I finished my military duties as a sergeant - major in the fall of 1985.

The philosophical department of the university had substantially changed in two years of my absence there. The number of students grew in three times; there were many new comers from the remote territory of my country. Many of them, it seems to me, never actually realized why they needed philosophy in the first place, the word philosophy just sounded to them so very prestigious and important.

Anyways, I got back in the red walls of the university, and the next four years were mainly devoted of gaining knowledge.

My university scholarship was very small, and I did not have any intentions to ask my parents for money. Thats why; I would work part-time, at first as a worker, then as a journalist, and sports instructor.

But studying at that time had been my primary occupation. When there came a time to pick a major, I without any hesitation selected the history of religion. I had a calling for this area, subconscious and strong.

The room of the religion history was not big. Cheerful, common sensed people had been working there, so much unlike dull and boring instructors from the room called the scientific communism. While studying I really enjoyed to pick up archives digging and finalizing my thoughts, if one wants to predict the future he/she has to possess sounding knowledge of the past.

I graduated the National Taras Shevchenko University of Kiev (Ukraine) in the spring of 1989, and was assigned to teach at the Natoinal Dragomanov Pedagogical Institute of Kiev (Ukraine). To my delight the institute was located near my university. It was convenient to get to work. It was pleasant to work with the team at my Chair of Philosophy. What really bothered me was that we had to fill out a lot of documents that nobody needed anyway, and I had to give lectures according to the old-as-this-world, totally obsolete curriculum built on the principals of Marxism - Leninism. I tried to get away as much as I could from the program full of boredom. The administration of the faculty would from time to time, friendly try to get me back on the right path and persistently advised me to just lecture what had been approved by the top, hopefully without any free thoughts. I had been there at the pedagogic institute for a whole year, after that I switched my career to the chief trainer at the physical culture institute.

When I found the department of Chinese Martial Arts, WU SHU, I started my exciting path of a freelance in the spring of 1991.

After 1991 I changed many careers and professions, in different spheres. Whatever I was doing my main goal was living life to its fullest, brightest extend. If someone would try to put my life on the bookshelf then probably the biggest shelves would be named business, sports, literature (on this shelf you could of added science) politics...

There is one more border in my life that journalists often ask about. It is my Family and my private life.

I usually try to avoid conversations on this topic. In my opinion, every person is supposed to have a deep private part of life that simply cant be shown off. My Family is my Temple, which fills with sense and strengthens all my life in this world. For those who are just from curiosity trying to get into it, dont get any space in my Temple. I truly believe that those who have a family will completely understand me.




Richard Wagner once said, Money is Freedom. Erich Maria Remark, another great German writer added, Money is Freedom made of Gold.

Some of my friends consider me to be a successful businessman. They may be right to some extend, I needed money to feel free and independent in this world, to be able to fully fulfill my mission here. I never had money as the only and final target, and my financial possibilities would always appear a little behind my dreams and beginnings. Thats why I still didnt save enough money by now, to live easily in the mature age, unlike some people that I know.

I earned my first money back in school, third grade playing chess. When my mom notices that her child goes to play chess in the Palace of pioneers, and comes home with half an income good teaches earn in a month, my parents really got worried. They hid the chessboard and send me to a more peaceful place, the section of box and then karate.

I have already described above my labor activity during my studies at the University. Everything was highly unstable, happening from time to time, with its ups and downs. My working as a reporter in The Evening Kiev newspaper now seems was the most stable job out of all my students occupations. I had taken care of a whole column for the whole year in that paper, and it had been challenging and inspiring. Once a week my article went out about television and movie theater art in front of the readers.

I have already given you a brief overview on the Physical Culture Institutes but one can hardly call that involvement in business.

Having taught in the mornings and early afternoons at higher educational institutions I would work part-time as a trainer at the Dynamo Sports Club. There at first I found WU SHU section that later on grew into a WU SHU Sports School.

The following years, in order to earn more money, I worked at different commercial establishments, which resulted into my gaining managerial skills.

In 1992-1995 I was the Chief of the Border of Directors at The First International Ukrainian Insurance Company. In about three years we had to face many local social earth quakes. We were in practice learning business, getting into quarrels with each other, signing peace contracts, making mistakes and then correcting them. We were mainly moving forward by pure intuition, as the whole country did at that time. That was the time when from the condition of deep socialism the former Soviet Unions countries all of a sudden started to switch its principals into totally strange capitalistic basis which prior to that they had been brought up to treat with hatred.

After another re-organization of my insurance company I left to work as a Vice-President in the VITA aviation company where I have worked with some breaks pretty much until the year 2001.

In 1995 I defended my thesis in the history of religion within the Institute of Philosophy at the Ukrainian Academy of Science. Of course, this dissertation of mine does not refer to the Business section. It just followed my events chronologically, I felt that I definitely needed to set up this phenomenon as an important milestone in my life; it was an essential result of my work and life.

Business itself if professionally is considered to be a highly interesting thing to do. However, if I had enough money I would never waste my life on business.


Abstract from the Interview given by Andrew V. Kudin to the Halytski Contracts Ukrainian Weekly newspaper in November 2000:

Undoubtedly, high social activity and certain lifestyle require substantial money. As a co-founder of a couple of enterprises Mr. Andrew V. Kudin is involved in their activity at different levels, being an expert, and a planning manager, and a vice-president. He has been working out business projects for different commercial enterprises using his entrepreneurial and life experience.

Question: Please tell us if the Eastern philosophy influences the consciousness of a businessman. Even though majority with observation, tolerance and absence of activity perceives east.

Answer: Not quite so. None of Eastern religions calls for absence of activity and mere observation. Unfortunately, most of businessmen who I deal with make money in order to either possess as much money as they can, or to comply with an image of a successful person, to be better than others. These strivings are so strong in many cases that they fill in the whole inner world of such people. Such people view money as an absolute value, the measure of success and the measure of self-esteem.

Wealth, acceptation, material values are all pretty illusional. If a person has only strived for those, and has only seen those prioritizing all for the pragmatic purpose, losing those would lead to the inner crisis, up to suicide.

I intend to perceive money as one of the tools to achieve my goals, which do not lie at the material level. Eastern outlook helps to feel this life in its deep profile, search and find truly eternal values that will not depend on the outer circumstances. If we keep a target in our focus, and not the money, then the latter will function as an instrument to achieve that target. And this instrument is not the only one to be used too. Then, in a case of circumstances turning not-so-very-favorable, money-wise, the goal will always stay as such, and tools to reach that will always be found.




I started sport in my school years. Having tried a couple of kinds of sports, like chess, boxing, sambo fighting and eastern fighting, I really fell for the last one. Looking back at what I have tried, I realize that everything balances out and fills in for the fullness of my life. The chess taught me how to correctly think, and different types of fighting are just the implementation of my chess thinking in a practical match with a real enemy who intends to knock you out in its most direct, and not figurative meaning.

I studied WU SHU, Chinese fighting art, from the best instructors teaching at that time in Ukraine and Russia, and after having successfully completed a two-year Chinese language course I left to China to authentically improve my skills at the cradle of WU SHU. I also took a course at the Academy of the Chinese Martial Arts at the Shaolin monastery, and became an Honorable Member of the U Chan C Province HejLunJan (China).

I can name my wonderful students who have became champions of the First and last Juniors Championship of the Soviet Union in WU SHU which took place in Turkmenistan right before the Soviet Union fell apart.

Knowledge of religious and philosophical trends of the East really helped me in understanding the eastern fighting art.

As I have already mentioned, I was invited to teach at the Institute of Physical Culture at the position of a Fighting Chairs chief coach. This is where the WU SHU department of Chinese Martial Arts was created. At that time I was the youngest (by age) leading instructor working at the Ukraines highest educational institution.

In spring 1991 I left my coaching career. I got an opportunity to do sports just for my own pleasure, and not for making money.

Sports are an inevitable part of my life. I am convinced in that there is no better way to relieve stress and psychological tiredness that a good sports session in any sports facility!




I often meet with people who seriously believe that they have nothing to do with politics. Maybe they do not refer to politics but politics undoubtedly always refer to them.

Personally I was never indifferent in what society and in what country I live. I always modestly contributed to improve the world around me, and therefore I, just like my Dad, always participated in the social and political life of the country.


After 1997 Mr. Andrew V. Kudin addressed the mass media with multiple articles. He was for some time the head of the Internet edition titled Look at Ukraine, participated in the radio programs Liberty (USA) and Peoples Wave (USA). This was when he raised the issues of the human rights violation in Ukraine. He was also one of the facilitators and participants of the radio bridge New York - Kiev.

Abstract from the Interview given to Companion newspaper in July 2000:

Anything can be change, but you dont have to act like a speechless slave. Many people are silent because they are afraid for their relatives and family members, because they have not trusted the justice system for long time, nor into the being built democratic and legal state. However, if we keep hiding in corners, then nothing will ever change and Ukraine will turn into a totalitarian country in its worst and most cruel condition. It is stupid that somebody from outside will step in and help. It depends solely on ourselves in what country we shall all be living.


In 2001 the charity fund named after Oleksa Tyhyj awarded Mr. Andrew V. Kudin with a Diploma for his book How to Survive in a Prison and his activities in order to defend human rights in Ukraine.

In 2002 Mr. Andrew V. Kudin was elected as Peoples Deputy of the Pechersk District in the city of Kiev. The District where Andrew was being elected was considered to be pro-communist. Mr. Andrew V. Kudin was the first non-communist who did not belong to a party and still won the elections. At the moment Mr. Andrew V. Kudin, as a Peoples Deputy of Kievs Pechersk District has been working as a member of the Committee to control the legality and order in the capital of Ukraine.

In 2002 the Kievs Mayor awarded Mr. Andrew V. Kudin the Honorary Diploma and an engraved watch.

In September 2002 Mr. Andrew V. Kudin was awarded for his activity in front of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church, with an order of the Saint Ravnoapostolsky Great Prince Vladimir on the 3rd stage, and in year 2003 he was awarded with an Honorary Diploma.


Sometimes when I am sad, I just sit down on a bench and watch children play outside on the playground. This is the playground that I arranged to be built right in the center of Kiev. I do not know the children, and the kids dont know who built the playground for them. But does that matter? The main thing for me is that I managed to make somebodys life a little bit happier.




Out of all parts stated above this one is the most important to me. I dream about the time when I can peacefully put aside all my projects and fully devote myself to literature, science and my Family

When I sit down at my desk and start writing, I physically feel that I am sinking into other worlds. I hear the voices of the heroes from my books, and I watch the events happening in front of my eyes. I see those events so live and in full color that I sometimes have a hard time realizing which is more realistic, what surrounds me in my life, or what I describe when I write.

Literature is the bridge for a spirit into other galaxies that are as real as the one where the Earths body lives. Moving along this bridge is very close to that of meditation. I dont know of anything better than the time when I create my writings, getting into the hypnotizing condition deeper and deeper

My feelings get sharper that ice and glass.

I can see wonderful worlds. I can be myself there, and it is so difficult to be myself in an everyday life. Only in these other worlds, in other measurement system, I can be fully happy.

Would you like to know who am I? Its so easy. My world and I are in what I have created and written. Those who have read my books can say that they really seen and met me.

autumn 2004

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